Welcome To Baby Bow Wow4 U !

Our Teacup, miniature and toy Schnauzers are raised in our home,
where they receive lots of love and attention and are a part of our
family. I fell in love with this breed. We found that owning a
Miniature Schnauzer can lead to owning another one.

We have been raising and caring for Schnauzers for thirteen years
and enjoy it very much. Schnauzers are a great breed. They are
Loyal and Loving. They are just happy being with you. The Miniature
Schnauzer is very friendly, highly intelligent, and willing to please.
Schnauzers makes an excellent companion. They are devoted,
playful, and affectionate.

They are spirited and fearless but not aggressive. There alertness
makes the Schnauzer an excellent watchdog. They are adaptable;
happy in the city with limited exercise or living in the country with
room to run There greatest need  is to be Loved and in return,they
will give you unconditional LOVE and DEVOTION..              
If Your Looking To Add A  Friend To Your
Call us at: (
225) 975-4520
e-mail us at: